What Our Students Say About Us

“I gained in self-esteem, confidence and respect for my life experiences.”

“I feel that in a way, I have grown intellectually because now I have another vision of art and I can appreciate literature better.”

“I learned how to read a story or a poem and analyze its contents.”

“The course made me more conscious when I am reading. It made me look for different things when I am reading. …It helped me to have more insight into what I read.”

“I learned to see every work as a product of a human being and as a product of a time.”

“I learned to appreciate art as the result of the necessity to express oneself and as a way to share and communicate.”

“Before I didn’t pay any attention to art but now I do.”

“In conversation, I feel more confident.”

“All the classes were amazing and wonderful.”

“The course affected my life outside of class in the way I see life…”

“I learned to appreciate the symbolism in art as well as in literature and also to read in a more critical way.”

“I think one thing that people always forget is that art makes us more understanding of human beings.”

“I gained a greater appreciation for the written word as a form of art.”