Volunteer Opportunities

Small, non-profit organizations like University in the Community rely on volunteers. They are behind every initiative. We are extremely grateful for volunteers’ support, their talents and their time. Their generosity is our strength.

With the help of volunteers, we have been able to:

  • teach weekly classes at Innis College and at CAMH ( to see a list of UitC teachers, click on
    Volunteer Teachers)
  • design and maintain a new UitC website
  • research and compile a comprehensive, ten-year archival document
  • design a new logo for UitC
  • provide assistance for Learning in the Community group excursions
  • organize our annual fundraising event – the literary moot


Special acknowledgement and thanks to:

Ben Frenken, William Goldbloom, Al Kish, Matthew Lau, Bobby Leung,

Joe McDonald, Andrew Oliver, Jonathan Preece, Bert Riviere, Jane Rozell,

Johanna Skelly, Annie Tayyab, Danny Urquhart, Dazhen Wang and Ricky Yang.


If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity that is hands-on and meaningful, we’d love to hear from you!

Please contact us at:

Telephone (416) 923-7872