In the last issue of Learning Curves we asked for readers to send us poetry or short stories they had written. Here is a poem that we received in answer to our request.

by Carol-Faye Petricko

Long ago in a world
Enchanted before time knew me,
Anonymous I exulted in my creation.
Possibilities myriad beckoned
For my exploitation –
Goldmines, the El Dorado of my reveries

Lay resplendent before me;
And promise, a tincture of gold
Made me bold –
Imbued my life,
Immune from strife –
Fancy free.

Banished now from the promised land of my youth,

Time has wrought changes –
So many as to astound,

It has brought me onto a plain

Perfect view to see
What lies in wait for me –

Curious it is to be known by

What once I dismissed as
But which one day now I see
Will extinguish me.

To come to heed

As down life’s path I lead –

The green-eyed golden lass no longer

Unencumbered by any caveat, but now
Of the illusion of my anonymity
By decay’s proximity.

For behold, my name’s inscribed

By the One beyond all bribe,
There – in the book of